Pass mark 75% from twenty randomly chosen questions.


#1. In a four-stroke engine, ignition in the cylinders may occur only during which of the following strokes?

#2. What is dihedral?

#3. In a climbing turn:

#4. What are the effects of a high wing-loading?

#5. What effect (if any) will wet grass have on take-off distance required, compared to dry grass of the same length?

#6. In the international standard atmosphere (ISA), mean sea level temperature and pressure and density are:

#7. Your aircraft’s POH states the ground roll and total distance to clear a 50ft obstacle after take off to be 85 metres. What could you expect this value to be under the following conditions (with calm wind conditions): 10 degrees Celsius, airfield elevation 20 feet AMSL, QNH 1024 hPa.

#8. What problem could occur by leaving a piston engine running at idle RPM for excessive periods?

#9. Which of the following best describes Vne ?

#10. What is the standard sea level pressure setting?

#11. What action does moving the elevators during flight have?

#12. What are control surfaces fitted with to prevent “flutter” ?

#13. What is defined as the optimum angle of attack?

#14. In a two-axis aircraft with rudder as the only turn control, roll is caused by:

#15. How is the chord line of an aerofoil defined?

#16. If the temperature and pressure remain constant, an increase in humidity will cause density to:

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