Meteorology practice test

Pass mark 75% from twenty randomly chosen questions.


#1 Lines joining places of equal atmospheric pressure are called:

#2 If flying on a hazy afternoon in Britain, in which direction will visibility be greatest?

#3 If ice forms over the static vent of an aircraft and blocks it during the climb, the altimeter will read:

#4 As a parcel of air rises, it cools by the process of:

#5 What is an area of high pressure called?

#6 In the northern hemisphere, an aircraft flying from an area of high to low pressure will experience:

Due to the anti-clockwise motion of the airmass, and going towards the low pressure area, the wind will be from the left (port) causing a right (starboard) drift.

#7 What is the wind that flows down the side of mountain slopes at night called?

#8 The lapse rate for a dry parcel of air is:

#9 At the passage of a warm front you would expect:

#10 Orographically formed clouds occur:

#11 When a wind changes direction from Southerly to South-Westerly, it is said to have:

#12 One hectopascal (hPa) represents a change in altitude of:

#13 Select the true statement concerning isobar and windflow patterns around high and low pressure systems, as shown on synoptic charts:

#14 An occluded front is where:

#15 The atmospheric situation where temperature increases with height is called a(n):

#16 A TAF is a weather:

#17 A cold front moves ________ a warm front.

#18 In the northern hemisphere, if you stand with your back to the wind, where would you expect the low pressure region to be?

#19 Take a look at this METAR: LMML 221530Z 18007KT -DZ BR OVC004 14/13 Q1003 – What Date and Time this report was issued?

#20 The atmosphere: