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+356 790 52708 

    Call/SMS/WhatsApp us when you get to the gate to be picked up, as you will not be allowed inside the airport premises with your vehicle unless specific permission has been previously arranged.

    Please keep in mind that you are entering a restricted area of the airport, and are under the care and responsibility of the person escorting you. Each person entering the gate must show a form of photo identification such as national ID card, driving license or passport. This information will have been passed on to us upon establishing your appointment.

    All persons entering through the security gate are subject to a search by military personnel. Please ensure that you do not have any prohibited items on your person, such as pocket knives or utility tools. If there is any doubt what constitutes a prohibited item, please check with us beforehand.

    Since a female soldier must be called to search any females entering, there will be an inevitable delay of anything between 15 to 30 minutes. Please allow for this delay in planning your arrival at the gate.

    For flights on the Apollo Delta Jet 2 in colder temperatures, a protective flying suit (and gloves if necessary) will be provided, along with an intercom-equipped helmet. Regardless of the weather, secure footwear must be worn on it.

    Since the Ikarus C42B is a fully enclosed aircraft, there is not normally any need for protective clothing when flying in it. Jacket recommended for winter months.

    We are not able to take any persons on our aircraft that are intoxicated, and we highly advise not flying if suffering a hangover. Nevertheless, a sick bag is always provided on board in the rare case it’s needed.

    You are more than welcome to bring a camera to record your flight! For flights on the Apollo Delta Jet 2, the camera/mobile must have a form of strap that can be securely affixed to you for safety reasons.

    We also have GoPro slider-type mounts on the wingtips of both aircraft which may be used, as long as you provide your own housing for this.

    REMINDER: Don’t forget your ID, driving license, or passport!